My Story


How it  started

Ever since I was little I've always loved photos. Looking at them, taking them, watching my parents develop their photos in our darkroom in the basement. I just loved the feeling it gave me looking back at that moment whether it made me laugh or feel sad, it was there to remember forever. Fast forward to college, which wasn't my thing, I took a huge leap to start my own photography business! I remember booking my very first wedding and from then on I was hooked! 

How it's going

Fun facts!

I can now say I've owned my business for 13 years, which is insane to me! As my life shifts, my business shifts along with it. I've had some pretty amazing clients who continue to come back and be a part of this little dream of mine! I appreciate everyone single one of you and your support. My only hope is that my photos of their lives and story bring the say feeling it gave me growing up looking at photos. 

Enough with the sappy stuff here is the real stuff! 

- I married my best friend Travis almost 10 years ago and we've been together for 15 years. (We met on Myspace!)

- We have a 7-year-old daughter who we are so proud of!

- We have a 13-year-old Weiner dog named Rody, who is cute but stinky. I think I can officially say I have a senior dog?

- I love to laugh and have fun with the people I care most for. If you can laugh at yourself and have a good time, life is so much more enjoyable! 

- I love The Office, New Girl, and Mythic Quest (it's the wanna-be gamer in me.)

- I consider myself an enthusiastic introvert. 


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